KRWG TV Schedule

Sunday, April 26
7:30 AM
Maya & Miguel
“Say Cheese!”
Maggie gets braces just before school pictures are to be taken, so Maya tries to cheer her up.
8:00 AM
Report from Santa Fe
8:30 AM
To the Contrary With Bonnie Erbé
Women and Islam are discussed.
9:00 AM
Washington Week With Gwen Ifill
Topics include the 2016 presidential campaign; the confirmation of Loretta Lynch as attorney general; the attacks against Hillary Clinton regarding foreign donations made to the Clinton Foundation; and the U.S. Navy operations off Yemen's coast.
9:30 AM
Nm True Tv
10:00 AM
Religion & Ethics Newsweekly
A report on America's incarceration rate, which is more than five times than what it was in the 1970s; and how growing acceptance of LGBT issues in American society is posing new challenges for the evangelical community.
10:30 AM
The McLaughlin Group
Long-running panel discussions on topical (mostly political) issues that sometimes play like a noisy family dinner in which everyone speaks at once, until moderator John McLaughlin brings all to order.
11:00 AM
Interviews about issues and events in the news.
11:30 AM
Fronteras: A Changing America
A public-affairs program about the region's Hispanic community.
12:00 PM
New Mexico in Focus
An examination of the people, events and issues of New Mexico and the rest of the Southwest.
1:00 PM
Healing Quest
“Healing Sexual Trauma; The Wisdom of Reaching Out; Detox Pea Soup; Mystical Valleys Healing Moment”
Topics include healing from sexual trauma; the wisdom of reaching out; and detox pea soup.
1:30 PM
Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
“Gaucher Disease: An Inherited Condition of the Body's Organs”
Gaucher disease, an inherited condition, is discussed.
2:00 PM
Teaching Channel Presents
“The Common Core State Standards”
How to implement the Common Core Standards for Math and English Language Arts.
3:00 PM
Globe Trekker
“Tough Trains: Vietnam”
A tour of Vietnam via the Vietnamese railway. Included: Hanoi; Hue; the DMZ; and Ho Chi Minh City.
4:00 PM
Antiques Roadshow
“Santa Clara”
Part 1 of 3 in Santa Clara, Cal., features an autograph book that includes signatures from John Steinbeck, Leo Tolstoy and Mark Twain; a Margaret Keane "Big Eye" painting; and a collection of 1936-39 Edward Weston photographs.
5:00 PM
Ancient Roads From Christ to Constantine
“From Apocalypse to Heresies”
Patmos Island, where John was exiled, is visited. Also: heretics who claimed special knowledge of Jesus.
6:00 PM
BBC Newsnight
A BBC evening newscast that spotlights issues of the day; and includes interviews with newsmakers.
6:30 PM
PBS NewsHour Weekend
Included: Internet access for low-income families.
7:00 PM
Call the Midwife
A Christian Science couple is suspected of harming their baby; Barbara tries to communicate with a pregnant woman who can't speak English; Sister Mary Cynthia returns; and Fred meets a woman who catches his eye.
8:05 PM
Mr. Selfridge on Masterpiece
Gordon starts as store deputy; Kitty confronts her attackers; and Doris wrestles with a dilemma.
9:00 PM
Wolf Hall on Masterpiece
Anne gives birth to a baby girl. In other events, Cromwell demands that the nobility and church swear an oath acknowledging Anne as lawful queen.
10:00 PM
Rick Steves' Europe
A tour of Palestine includes Jerusalem; an olive harvest near Ramallah; Bethlehem; Abraham's tomb in Hebron; and the Dead Sea.
10:30 PM
“Tap the Falls: Above the Falls; Mob Craft”
Above the Falls, a kayak rental and tour company in Minneapolis; and Mob Craft, a crowd-sourced brewery.
11:00 PM
“Janiva Magness and Minton Sparks”
Performers include blues singer Janiva Magness; and spoken-word artist Minton Sparks.