KRWG TV Schedule

Saturday, December 20
3:00 AM
Christmas in Norway With the St. Olaf Choir
The mixed-voice St. Olaf Choir and Jentekor, a female choir at Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway, perform Christmas carols, songs and hymns in this concert from Nidaros Cathedral. Included: "The Word Was God"; "Lo, How a Rose e're Blooming-The Rose."
4:00 AM
Charlie Rose
5:00 AM
PBS NewsHour
Covering national and international issues, originating from Washington, D.C.
6:00 AM
Barney & Friends
“Mother Goose; Fun with Reading”
Several "Mother Goose" characters ask for help when some of their rhymes go missing. Later, BJ needs rest for his hurt toe. Barney reminds him how much fun books can be, and the two decide to write a book themselves.
6:30 AM
“The Christmas Star; A Christmas Present for Dog”
Duck tries to lasso a star from the sky to put atop Frog's Christmas tree; the WordFriends enjoy their Christmas gifts, but Dog's new ball is missing an L.
7:00 AM
Bob the Builder
“Part of the Team”
Bob builds a new garage for the team, which especially thrills Muck; Scrambler's afraid of a machine wash at the yard until he actually uses it.
7:30 AM
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
“Be Yourself: That's the Best”
Be yourself is the theme, as Mister Rogers says it's important to know that you are fine as you are. Also: the Flying Karamazov Brothers perform; a video on making macaroni; X the Owl gives flying lessons.
8:00 AM
Well Read
“Lee Child, "Never Go Back"”
Lee Child's "Never Go Back" is discussed.
8:30 AM
Jerry Yarnell School of Fine Art
“The Pathway”
9:00 AM
New York Originals
“Keens Steakhouse; Devon Shops; Paper Dragon Bookbinder; Kodiak Studios, Inc.; Flickinger Glasswork”
The Season 2 finale features Keens Steakhouse; Devon Shops; Paper Dragon Bookbinder; Kodiak Studios, Inc.; and Flickinger Glasswork.
9:30 AM
The Woodwright's Shop
“Hurray for Hickory!”
Making rakes and rounded reels from hickory.
10:00 AM
Creative Living With Sheryl Borden
A series offering tips on wine, food and fashion.
10:30 AM
Growing a Greener World
“Bountiful Harvest: Birmingham, AL”
How to preserve a garden's bounty.
11:00 AM
“Creekside Home Great Room”
How to improve a great room's functionality through cabinet design.
11:30 AM
“BMW M3/M4”
The BMW M3 and M4; and Mitsubishi Mirage. Also: electric school buses.
12:00 PM
NMSU Sports Weekly
A review of New Mexico State football action and a preview of upcoming play.
12:30 PM
Central Texas Gardener
Gardens in central Texas are spotlighted. Also: tips and advice for gardeners.
1:00 PM
The This Old House Hour
“Charlestown Project 2014: Rowhouse, Lighthouse”
A basement door is concealed; the new Cararra marble island top is spotlighted; a PVC fence is installed on top of the retaining wall; the front steps are given new life with a grinder, a router, epoxy and non-slip exterior paint.
2:00 PM
Garden Smart
Soil ecology is discussed.
2:30 PM
Cook's Country From America's Test Kitchen
“Great American Meat and Potatoes”
Atlanta brisket; roasted salt-and-vinegar potatoes. Also: a steak sauce taste-off.
3:00 PM
Martha Stewart's Cooking School
A roasted chicken club; an iconic New Orleans po'boy with oysters; a muffuletta; an applewood-smoked bacon and fried-egg sandwich; and a Reuben with corned beef, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing.
3:30 PM
Simply Ming
“Vancouver - Rain City”
4:00 PM
The Lawrence Welk Show
A Christmas celebration from 1966. Included: "Jingle Bells"; "Doll Dance"; "Star Carol"; "Frosty the Snowman"; and "Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus." Bobby Burgess hosts.
5:00 PM
Interviews about issues and events in the news.
5:30 PM
Fronteras: A Changing America
A public-affairs program about the region's Hispanic community.
6:00 PM
America's Heartland
Idaho dairy farmers who are working to protect rivers and streams; a Tennessee couple's award-winning goat cheese; a Minnesota milkman's home-delivery service.
6:30 PM
PBS NewsHour Weekend
Included: federal whistleblowers.
7:00 PM
As Time Goes By
“The Picnic”
Jean and Lionel play matchmaker for Alistair and Judith (Philip Bretherton, Moira Brooker). Jean: Judi Dench. Lionel: Geoffrey Palmer.
7:30 PM
To the Manor Born
“Business Troubles”
Business worries keep Richard's mind off the estate, much to Audrey's chagrin. Audrey: Penelope Keith. Richard: Peter Bowles.
8:01 PM
“Making Stuff Wilder”
Part 2 of 4. A look at innovations inspired by life, including underwater Wi-Fi based on how dolphins communicate; robotic "mules" and "cheetahs" for the military; robotic bees; bacteria-driven metallurgy; virus-built batteries; and "living" computers.
9:00 PM
Austin City Limits
“Tom Waits”
A classic Tom Waits performance from December 1978 is replayed. The featured songs include: "Burma Shave," "Annie's Back in Town," "I Wish I Was in New Orleans (In the Ninth Ward)."
10:00 PM
KRWG Music Spotlight
A showcase of area musicians.
10:30 PM
Sun Studio Sessions
“Will Sexton”
Singer-songwriter Will Sexton is featured. Joining him: Amy LaVere and Allison Mosshart.
11:00 PM
Roadtrip Nation
“It Doesn't End Here”
Season 8 concludes in Massachusetts, where the team meets with MIT biophysicist Jeremy England, Biotechnonomy CEO Juan Enriquez and molecular biologist Lydia Villa-Komaroff, who's the chief scientific officer at CytonomeST.
11:30 PM
Journeys in Africa
“Serengeti: The Great Migration”
Africa's Serengeti region is visited in the first episode of the travel series.