KRWG TV Schedule

Saturday, August 01
6:30 AM
“Castles in the Sea; Get Your Coat”
Duck and Shark believe there's a castle thief in their midst when a sand castle they make disappears; Duck tries to help Frog, who dislikes playing in the rain.
7:00 AM
Bob the Builder
“Fun at Work”
Scoop is starstruck when he meets a famous artist; the machines play with an old football.
7:30 AM
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
How construction paper is made. Also: making paper chains; learning requires patience; how to use a boomerang in an episode about learning.
8:00 AM
Space Racers
“Ace Space Reporter; Above and Beyond”
Robyn investigates the disappearance of the legendary Swift Starlight; a mission to save a deep space probe may make Eagle accept Robyn's advice on how to improve.
8:30 AM
1001 Nights
“Hunchback's Tale; Agrabroka”
The mysterious life of a hunchback is revealed; a bag of gold changes the lives of townspeople.
9:00 AM
Hittin' the Road
9:30 AM
American Woodshop
“Triple Turnings”
10:00 AM
Fly Tying: The Angler's Art
“Iris Caddis, Silvey's Caddis Puppa, Nick's Soft Hac”
10:30 AM
Fishing Behind the Lines
“Captain Williams”
Capt. Jason Williams fishes for salmon in Jefferson County, N.Y., and discusses commanding soldiers during conflict.
11:00 AM
“Creekside Home Master Bath”
Mixing traditional and contemporary elements in a bathroom.
11:30 AM
“Scion iA/iM”
The Scion iA/iM and Honda HR-V are road tested.
12:00 PM
New Mexico Colores
12:30 PM
Nm True Tv
1:00 PM
The This Old House Hour
“Lexington Project 2015: Designer Details”
With the second floor sanded, stained and sealed, the crew commences work on the first floor; the custom refrigerator panels are spotlighted; and a chest of drawers is re-purposed as the sink base in the powder room. Also: local designer Robin Gannon.
2:00 PM
Garden Smart
An unusual garden in an unusual location is featured.
2:30 PM
Joanne Weir Gets Fresh
“Spice It Up”
Four spice blends; garam masala; and adobo-rubbed chicken skewers with garlic yogurt sauce; and roasted carrots with quatre epices.
3:00 PM
Martha Bakes
A traditional bread pudding spiked with Armagnac that's called a Kris Kringle; a baked chocolate custard; steamed cranberry pudding; and a lemon pudding.
3:30 PM
Simply Ming
“Australian Lamb”
4:00 PM
The Lawrence Welk Show
“Songs of Perry Como”
Perry Como songs, including "Hot Diggity, Dog Ziggity," "It's Impossible," "Papa Loves Mambo," "Temptation" and "Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes."
5:00 PM
Issues & Answers
Public forums, debate and round table discussions.
6:00 PM
America's Heartland
A cattle drive in California is documented.
6:30 PM
PBS NewsHour Weekend
Included: the short-term housing rental industry giant, Airbnb.
7:00 PM
Doctor Who
"Robot," conclusion. When the robot grows to an enormous size, Dr. Who tries to find out why. Stewart: Nicholas Courtney. Benton: John Levene. Miss Winters: Patricia Maynard. Kettlewell: Edward Burnham.
7:30 PM
To the Manor Born
“Nation's Heritage”
Richard sets up his grocery business at the manor and begins remodeling. Richard: Peter Bowles. Audrey: Penelope Keith. Brabinger: John Rudling.
8:00 PM
“Nuclear Meltdown Disaster”
A minute-by-minute chronicle of the 2011 nuclear meltdown crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan, as told by the workers who stayed behind as an earthquake and tsunami crippled the plant.
9:00 PM
Austin City Limits
“Kacey Musgraves: Dale Watson”
Country singer-songwriter Kacey Musgraves performs selections from her 2013 "Same Trailer Different Park" album; honky-tonker Dale Watson serves up songs from throughout his career.
10:00 PM
Live From the Artists Den
“Jason Mraz”
Jason Mraz performs at L.A.'s Royce Hall in the season finale. Included: "Hello, You Beautiful Thing"; "Lucky"; "93 Million Miles"; "Only Human"; "Love Someone"; "The Woman I Love"; "3 Things"; "Back to the Earth"; "I Won't Give Up"; and "I'm Yours."
11:00 PM
Wild Photo Adventures
“Winter Wildlife of Yellowstone NPS, Part 2”
Conclusion. A wintertime visit to the Northern Range of Yellowstone National Park.
11:30 PM
This American Land
“Fish Lifts for River Herring, Biofuel Start-ups, Fabulous Fungi, Prickly Pear Cactus for Clean Water”
The Season 4 finale spotlights volunteers who help Saugatucket River herring reach its spawning area; biofuel enterprises; and high-school students on Orca Island in Washington state who help keep their water clean.